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Ask not what your APC can do for you, but what you can do...

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Having just received the mass email message regarding Avatar T-shirts, part of each sale going to support APC, I was wondering if there is anything interested board members can do for ACP in terms of funds? I certainly enjoy this board more than any other and would be interested to help in some (modest) way. I imagine the charges related to bandwidth and hosting only rise as time goes on. Hopefully sponsorship rises as membership increases. But if there is something we can do to ensure the continued success of APC, do not be shy, ask away.

Andrew Cribb
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Strangly, I didn't get any email LOL

Do you mind posting it here?

Thanks :)
After this admission, I expect to be blackballed :) (just kidding).... I deleted it.

Andrew Cribb
I did not get one either:( I do want a T-shirt though. or two:)
Here's a copy of the e-mail (I must be special.... 8) ):

Dear APC member,

We wanted to bring your attention to a great idea brought about by one of our members. We will be offering an APC T-Shirt with a unique APC community image.

The T-Shirt will be sold through Cafe Press and the small profit will be used exclusively to pay for our ever-increasing bandwidth costs.

Please read more about it here:

Thank you for supporting APC!


The APC Staff"

Why not open up a bigger gift shop with APC merchandise to help defray the board costs too?

Edit: I'm confused now :? , so hopefully it was okay to post this....
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For those of you that did not receive it, please check your spam folders as it may have been deleted as spam.

It simply brought everyones attention to the T-Shirt that is being put together.

I wanted to reassure everyone that APC is run as a not-for-profit venture. At this point in time, we do not need to resort to premium memberships or that sort of fund raising efforts. I really want to keep APC membership absolutely free.

I thank those of you that offer to help with the maintenance. We will offer certain items online such as mugs, caps and shirts that you are more than welcome to purchase. The small profit generated will help to defray the ongoing bandwidth expense.

Andrew, why would you be blackballed?
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