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Attaching HC to wood

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I Have a piece of wood with a lot of grooves and holes. I also have a mat of HC it was grown emersed and still has some soil on it. The plantlets are very tiny and I can't see how to transplant each plant. Is there a way to cut small sections and attach this to the wood? Would they root to the wood? Should I tie the small sections or what?
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from everything I've read, it's best to disassemble it and plant the plantlets into the substrate. i'm in the same boat except mine's on rock. I put planted the rock under my flourite substrate with just the tops of the HC sticking out. It's been less than a week and I've already noticed some new runners, so I'm hoping that this will work, but I'm skeptical whether or not it'll actually take. I'm hoping at best that it will and at worst that it'll spread into the substrate while what's left on the rock will probably die off. Good luck to both of us!
I just hooked some of my HC into java moss growing on the driftwood. trying to get it to anchor to that at least and spread. Worked really well for my glosso that way.
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