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Attaching Pangea foam pieces? Help

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Hello all,

We have a number of the Pangea foam aquascaping pieces - rocks and backgrounds - that we'd like to attach to slate or another weight.

Can anyone recommend an attachment method ? Basic silicon has been suggested as has some marine epoxies. We'd like to get some advice from someone who has tried one of these, preferably on the Pangea foam.

Our intention is not to use them as backdrops, as intended, but rather as a possibly sometimes movable view block in the middle of our 500 gal freshwater.

Our tank is open on both long sides and a naroow one - a peninsula style, and we want to use the Pangea to stop people being able to look right through the tank.

An suggestions appreciated !
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How about magnets if you want them to be moveable? That is how another product, magnaturals is made. One set of magnets is embedded in the foam, while the other set is used outside the aquarium. You can then move them around to any position you want at will. strong magnets will hold it firmly, but enable you to move it easily. I sell the Magnatural rock shelves and planters, but I am sure you could buy magnets somewhere and do the same thing.
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