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Thanks all!

I'm sitting in front of the tank. :) I'm short, but not that short.

Bryce - Low Grow hygro. Will let you know next time I'm trimming, just sent a big pile of it out.

For the automatic water changes, another learning from GWAPA, thanks Ghazanfar! -

I have one of the stand pipes plumbed to the drain line of my house. Stand pipe comes into the overflow, and the top of it is where I want the top of the water level to be.

Next, we have a cold water line. Set up a digital sprinkler timer to go off for one or two minutes at a clip - mine pushes about 5 gallons a minute.

Run a hose line from the sprinkler timer into the opposite overflow intake, just over the top of the back of the tank.

Timer turns on, water comes in... water level rises... over the lip of that stand pipe we installed. Excess water goes right into the house drain.

I have chlorine, not chloramine, so disspation happens and is harmless. 5 gallons in a 180g tank.... no concentration to be worried about. I don't typically do more than 10g in a day of changes, so do not use dechlorination at all, I just let it naturally offgas. Should you have chloramine, you add something like an Eheim autodoser into the mix, and let it hit the tank with a small dechlor shot daily with the new water.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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