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I've seen the EI stuff. What is the difference between the EI and PPS? I'm just now about to order all my dry goods and would like to know which one is best for me.

The main difference between EI and PPS is EI over fertilizes the tank preventing deficiency and PPS is designed to be lean feeding the tank only what it needs.

There are other differences as well. My main gripe about PPS is the daily addition of magnesium. It is my opinion that large amounts of calcium and magnesium are not needed and should not be dosed daily.

I would skip ordering magnesium and calcium...if you insist on having some I have some to sell ;) :)

I prefer the lean style of PPS and ratio of EI so I use a hybrid of the two plans. I use the ingredients of EI plan with style of PPS plan. To me taking the idea of EI and dosing it daily in smaller quantity is what PPS really is.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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