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APC is proud to bring you Awesome Aquariums wallpaper! Put these aquariums on your desktop and be inspired every time you turn on your computer. :)

In order to do the aquariums justice, these files are high-resolution and, hence, large. The size is listed next to the files name. The download time is worth it, we promise!

Just choose the file according to your screen size, download the file and then set the image as your desktop wallpaper. For Windows, just right click and select "set as wallpaper". If you know how to do it for a Mac, please post the instructions.

February 2004 Tank of the Month
Screen size=640x480 Size=157K
Screen size=800x600 Size=229K
Screen size=1024x768 Size=339K
Screen size=1290x960 Size=484K

March 2004 Tank of the Month
Screen size=640x480 Size=211K
Screen size=800x600 Size=309K
Screen size=1024x768 Size=468K
Screen size=1290x960 Size=672K

Spituch's Mushroom Cloud
Screen size=640x480 Size=137K
Screen size=800x600 Size=205K
Screen size=1024x768 Size=193K
Screen size=1290x960 Size=283K

More to come! Check back often!! :)
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