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I'm a long-time aquarist with experience in marine/reef aquariums and african cichlids, but I'm completely new to planted tanks and am in the process of setting up my very first 50 gallon planted tank. I've dealt with a number of online vendors before, but thought I'd take the time to give a quick review of my very positive experience with Greenleaf Aquariums.

I ordered my CO2 cylinder, regulator, diffusor, and chemicals from Orlando over the course of the last month. The quality of all the goods has been outstanding, and the support above and beyond what I ever would have expected.

In setting up my CO2 system, I needed a bit of 'hand holding' to make sure I was doing everything correctly. I also managed to break my bubble counter chamber due to my own - how shall I say - 'lack of brilliance' while installing it. Orlando was there with me the whole way with email support, and he even mailed me a replacement bubble counter chamber at no charge, despite the fact that it was completely my own fault it broke.

I do not have any relationship with Greenleaf Aquariums other than being a very happy customer, and I wholeheartedly recommend anyone looking for planted tank equipment to give them a try. The product quality, the fast shipping, and the amazing support puts this place in the top tier of all online retailers I've ever dealt with.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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