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Painting the back with acrylic latex paint is popular(Blue or Black is the best IMO).
Comes off relatively easy if you want to remove it.

Cork backgrounds on the inside and attaching plants is also very nice(gives another surface to plant on and is easy to plant with Anubias, java fern, moss etc)

Some add terrestrial plants in the background.

Some use paper, cloth etc, these don't look good IMO.
Paint looks much better and is easier in the long term.

Some use Styrofoam and mould/paint/silicone it.
Some used moulds of rocks, wood etc that they like and make a silicone rubber moulds to form their shape, designs etc.

Some use flat rock silicomed, glued together, some use rock with sand, gravel glued to it etc.

There are other methods also.

Tom Barr
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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