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I like plain color backgrounds, IMO. I think they look more classy
than Greek ruins, rock crystal, saltwater reef pictures, etc.

I have seen well done tanks in many colors: yellow, red, blue, white,
black. Yellow was especially beautiful in an ADA aquascape titled
"Little *****" with cardinals and altums. The deep yellow color reminded
me of the tannic acid stained waters of the Rio *****.

Currently, my 55g has a sky blue background, and I think I may go with
white on my 20g long. I'm not too crazy about black. I feel that a black
background is kind of like omitting the effect of the background on the
aquascape. Yes, it makes the plants stand out better but it doesn't
really evoke anything...

Background color will definitely be a future "weekly topic." I'll post
some examples at that time.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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