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Background color

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I am interested in your preference in background color of your planted tank. I have always used blue or black.
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I'm also fan of black, although i also use white, brings out the colors the same as black.

I recently went for a burned red, usually known as "burgundy" and i have to tell you plants look awesome as well as fish :)
I've been using black for the contrast. I think the next tank I get will be clear so that I can do this sort of thing with stick on backing and do some gradient effects for fancy Amano pictures,
Last night ( i just remembered), i was at my LFS and they where setting up a new 60 gallon tank, instead of a background glass it had a mirror!!!

Of course the first thin on my mind was that it looked cheesy... well i have to accept in spite of my hate for mirrors that it looked pretty cool, it gave the tank more depth and when they added the plants, it looked like a jungle in there quite interesting effect.

I still wouldn't try it myself, but it's an alternative
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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