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Hi Coralite,
In my tank I have two kinds of Bacopa.One with red/orange leaf and another with some purple leaf
You said:
Bacopa araguaia is more of a purple color
So I have Bacopa Araguaia because its leaf are purple(when I bought this plant its name was: 'Bacopa sp Purple')
But I don't Know really name of my Bacopa with red/orange leaf
Thanks for info...and sorry for my bad english...:(


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I have not seen or heard of a red Bacopa. There is a Bacopa pink and Bacopa araguaia is more of a purple color. Note that Bacopa araguaia is a very different plant from Bacopa sp araguaia, visit this thread for more info.
"Bacopa araguaia" isn't a valid species name. If it were, it would be something like "araguaiensis". There are also no records of a species with that name. I think that in that other thread, you've got two species with similar or the same trade name that may be from the same general area. That's not unheard of. I suspect the purple one is what's known as 'colorata' but doctored up or with funny color balance, etc. Either that, or it's something new with really, really weird coloration.

Rotala sp. 'Araguaia' was introduced as a Bacopa. It obviously isn't, and that seems to be generally accepted by now. That's the plant to which yosko is referring.

The Bacopa sp 'Araguaia' that's been in the hobby here is similar to B. caroliniana but has a distinct marking down the middle of the leaf, which has a slightly different shape. I'll see if I can dig up a picture later. :cool:
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