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Baseball 2008

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The All-Star Break is bearing down on us. Are you happy with where your teams are?

Current division leaders:

Boston Red Sox
Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Angels

Philadelphia Phillies
Chicago Cubs
Arizona Diamondbacks

The NL West is the Worst, the Tampa Bay Rays are still keeping pace with the BoSox, and the Cubs are helping keep elderly Chicagoans alive. Will the division leaders stay the same? Who are your picks for the wild card?

Let's discuss all things BASEBALL here!
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With the contract they gave him he will be a Giant for the duration of that contract. Nobody is going to touch him at that price. Probably one of the top 5 worst contracts in baseball history.
SF will probably end up eating his contract to get rid of him. Pavano's one of those bad contracts, he's such a useless pitcher.
What about when Pedro threw Zim to the ground. Classy move Pedro, maybe he learned it from the cock fighting.
Hamilton is a monster! 28 HRs in the 1st round, its a shame he didn't win the whole thing.
I thought they were already past that certain date. Just like Evan Longoria, before they called him up. They tried to postpone his arbitration but ended up signing him long term. I think Liriano will be called up soon, very soon.
I wouldn't count on the Mets continuing their winning ways for too long. Their pitching isn't exactly the best and Pedro seems like he's just going to fall apart anytime.
Anybody else agree that the Angels robbed the Braves for Texeira? With all the teams wanting him that's the best they could do? I understand Texeira's just a rental but Casey Kotchman? Are they kidding? The minor leaguer they got is nothing to brag about either.
I don't think it was that much of a fleecing. The Braves get Kotchman and have control of him for a couple of years at a very low price along with a pitcher. Tex, while a great player seems like just a rental player considering he can walk away after the year and go to the O's.

As for Pudge, he's definitely an upgrade from Molina and Moeller. Farnsworth was doing quite well before the trade and I think the trade itself is going to unsettle him.
No more 1-2 punch for the Red Sox. The trade takes a big chunk out of the chemistry in the clubhouse. The Red Sox are like a classroom without the bully, now what kind of classroom would that be?
Seems like both players are adjusting well to their new teams. We'll see how far they can carry them into October, if at all.
1 - 8 of 104 Posts
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