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Baseball 2008

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The All-Star Break is bearing down on us. Are you happy with where your teams are?

Current division leaders:

Boston Red Sox
Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Angels

Philadelphia Phillies
Chicago Cubs
Arizona Diamondbacks

The NL West is the Worst, the Tampa Bay Rays are still keeping pace with the BoSox, and the Cubs are helping keep elderly Chicagoans alive. Will the division leaders stay the same? Who are your picks for the wild card?

Let's discuss all things BASEBALL here!
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By the way, great story with the Fresno State Bulldogs today!
Seriously, those maples bats are scary

Any bets on whether the NL West division leader finishes over .500 at the end of the year?

Trade rumors! For pitching, C.C. Sabathia is a hot item assuming the Indians can't extend him, Erik Bedard is talented but doesn't seem to care about the game, Oswalt and Lowe might both be available, and the Blanton/Harden rumors should start up any day now. Oh, and you can go after Brett Tomko if you want

Not as familiar with the bats out there. Dunn's name is out there, as well as a few Pirates like Nady and Bay. Does anyone want Andruw Jones? hahah
Mike, every day I wonder why Scioscia was never given a chance. Every. single. day.
fishman, beating teams within our division isn't much to speak of these days hahah

It's kind of like a battle of the losers. Everyone's scuffling!
I guess you could say that Schmidt's contract comes close. He might still give the Dodgers one good year though, depending on how effective he is coming back from shoulder surgery.
And the Rays finish a sweep of the Red Sox..
Mike, it's probably safe to say that society as a whole turns a blind eye if you're a superstar. For example, Michael Vick would be the exception, not the rule.

Doesn't seem like the Sabathia trade made much noise at all. I'm sure the Brewer fans are happy though. Strange that I haven't heard anything about the Brewers trying to extend him immediately. Cubs appear to be countering by trying to acquire Harden from the A's.

Can't believe A-Rod's divorce details are being made a deal of. Can't the baseball writers stick to writing about baseball?
Well.. we could spend all day talking about organization dysfunctions, or.. we could not

Anyone see Hiroki Kuroda's one-hitter? It was pretty cool how Chad Billingsley followed by throwing 5 no-hit innings, even though that resulted in a blowout, and Derek Lowe be perfect through 6 innings.

Looks like Brian Fuentes is one of the more sought-after players at this point, and some teams are starting to entertain the thought of signing Barry Bonds.
Oh my Lordies, Torre said he wouldn't mind the baggage that Bonds would bring into the clubhouse. The Dodgers GM Ned Colletti already said the Dodgers weren't interested in Bonds, but to hear the manager say something like that scares me

The Mets have been on my mind since they've been playing pretty well of late! The East should be pretty interesting to watch, as well as the Central after the acquisitions by the Brewers and Cubs.

I seriously cannot wait to see Tampa Bay in the playoffs. That would be pretty sweet to see, regardless of whether or not they're "for real". Pretty much a nobrainer at this point that the Wild Card will be coming out of the AL East
Who thinks David Wells will be pitching soon!

I do!

I still laugh thinking how he dropped a drag bunt for a single in his first start for the Dodgers.
Yeah, even Morneau said that Hamilton was the true winner. What a beast

Pretty funny article about Ichiro Suzuki's pep talk before the All-Star game
Pretty good game so far!
WOW what a remarkable inning by the sinkerballer Cook. Got all the groundballs he needed there.
I'm just glad that Russell Martin represented the Dodgers well.

Funny how both pitchers with the best ERA's as starters (Volquez and Duscherer) gave up runs.

Corey Hart has a noodle for an arm.. Not sure how he wasn't able to throw out Morneau lumbering down from third on a regular distance fly ball.

Would have been pretty funny to see another tie though.. maybe this will move baseball to actually play out an All-Star game instead of shoving all the players through a revolving door
The Twins as a whole probably don't get the recognition they deserve.

Isn't Liriano all better now? Why isn't he in the majors? I know he won't be as electric now that he can't rely on that nasty slider as much anymore, but it should still be an upgrade to a spot in the rotation.
Man, I might be speaking too soon, but the Mets keep finding ways to win. Didn't think losing Randolph and some other personnel would eventually lead to such a turnaround!
The Sabathia move sure put a charge into the Brewers.
Kotchman wasn't exactly flashy, but I kinda liked watching him play whenever I found myself watching an Angels game

Solid player, but I agree, I thought a Teixeira rental would bring in more than that. Guess that means the other offers on the table weren't impressive. If the Angels succeed in re-signing Teixeira, even better for the Halos.
Fudge, the Dodgers just got Ramirez. Red Sox acquired Bay.

Early sources say that the Pirates received four minor leaguers in the three-way deal, so at least it sounds like we didn't lose any of our major-league ready talent.

....Maybe we'll DFA Andruw Jones now... unless we want five outfielders on the roster.
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