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Baseball 2008

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The All-Star Break is bearing down on us. Are you happy with where your teams are?

Current division leaders:

Boston Red Sox
Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Angels

Philadelphia Phillies
Chicago Cubs
Arizona Diamondbacks

The NL West is the Worst, the Tampa Bay Rays are still keeping pace with the BoSox, and the Cubs are helping keep elderly Chicagoans alive. Will the division leaders stay the same? Who are your picks for the wild card?

Let's discuss all things BASEBALL here!
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unfortunately last time i went to fenway to watch them the socks lost!
If I had some extra money laying around I'd buy you season tickets. Go Yanks!

Anyway, looks like the AL is dominating the NL again in interleague play. I haven't seen the tally yet but it sure seems that way.
Oh and can we get rid of those freakin maple bats before we see somebody get killed?
Nothing against the Dodgers but I'm glad to see them struggle. As a huge Yankee fan I always disliked Torre as a manager. He was always overrated. It's good to see his reputation brought back down to earth by the dodgers. Nice guy and all but there are some people out there that think he's the greatest manager ever.
With the contract they gave him he will be a Giant for the duration of that contract. Nobody is going to touch him at that price. Probably one of the top 5 worst contracts in baseball history.
Zito's contract doesn't even compare to Pavano's. Pavano was only for 4 years and nowhere near the money Zito is making. The best part about Pavano is that at least he isn't losing games for the Yanks. I'd rather him not play at all than do what Zito has been doing to the Giants.

Zito 7 yrs $126 million ($18 mil per year avg)
Pavano 4 yrs $39.95 million ($10 mil per year avg)

Not even close

And for all the Yankee haters from Boston how about this little ditty:
Matt Clement (remember him?) 3 yrs $25 million ($8.3 mil per year)
I also should have mentioned since signing the contract Zito is a combined 14-24 with 4.90 ERA. I'm still trying to find a contract in the history of MLB as bad as this one.
Yet another gem by Zito today.
5 innings, 4 ER, 5 walks 113 pitches in 5 innings and only 68 for strikes. Now at 5.99 ERA.

On another note:
Mark my words. The Rays are not for real and will finish 3rd in the A.L. East.
That's not surprising since the Red Sox are the most overrated team in baseball right now. The only reason they are still riding the wave of popularity is because the media loves them and ESPN is full of Sox fans. If they were any other team they wouldn't even be talked about with the team they're putting on the field right now.
Can anyone logically explain how Manny Ramirez can throw a 64yr old man to the ground and not get suspended? Chacon had his contract terminated for something not too different. Is there any CLASS at all in the Boston organization? Can you say double standard?
Mike, it's probably safe to say that society as a whole turns a blind eye if you're a superstar. For example, Michael Vick would be the exception, not the rule.
My biggest problem with it is that the red sox are the first to cry, complain and criticize whenever there is any goings on in the Yankee system as if it's their business. However, they still haven't done anything to their own guy for beating up an old man. Could you imagine the press if Jeter or A-Rod had done this? They'd be marching in the streets in Boston demanding action be taken. And that's the truth!!
I'm shocked at how quick the Cubs moved on Harden after CC was gone. I think they absolutely fleeced the A's. Gaudin is no slouch himself. He's shown in the past how good a starter he can be when he's right. A little coaching and experience and Gaudin can be a solid #3 guy.

AS far as A-Rod and the divorce stuff the media are just a bunch of scumbags. Leave the family alone. There are kids involved and nothing like this ever turns out well.
Yes beating the Rays was nice. Almost as nice as the Yanks wiping that fake tough guy face off Papelbon and beating him YET AGAIN.
Robert, How quickly you try to change the subject away from the classless red sox and the scumbag manny. The topic wasn't about anybody's glory days. The question still remains. What have the sox done to discipline Manny Ramirez for throwing a 64 yr old man to the ground? Anybody? Anybody? Beuller? Robert?
No but are you making me an offer?
It's true. It happened. Still nothing done.
Story here
I don't think anybody will sign Bonds. At least I hope not. You're better off throwing a lit stick of dynamite into your clubhouse. They'll both cause the same destruction.
I still don't think the Rays will even make the playoffs. Young teams always tend to fade down the stretch and their lead is not exactly mind-blowing.

The Mets are a ticking timebomb. I think the Phillies will hold on to take the NL East. Just like the Rays, the Marlins will continue to fade.

Look out for Detroit. What an amazing turnaround. One more big starting pitcher and the A.L. Central is theirs to lose.
Pedro a Yankee? I thought you followed baseball Robert. I guess I was wrong.
Wells is great! I don't know if I'd want him pitching for my team at this point but I'd love to throw back a couple cold ones with him. He definitely has more heart than 99% of the young guys on the field these days.
Papelbon saves the day? Oh wait I get it. You must be being phosecious and sarcastic again. Next to Mariano's dominance, the fans chant of OVERRATED for Papelbaby was very entertaining.
Robert I see you are still too busy to do any research before you make statements. It's becoming a habit with you. Debating with you is too easy. You're living by the statement "Open mouth, Insert foot".

In the game Yankee hitters were 1 for 5. Boston hitters were 2 for 9. Neither were exactly lighting up the world. Drew had a HR and won the MVP. All Star MVP honors often go to somebody with only 1 or 2 hits because players only play a few innings. It's nothing to shout about.

Mariano went 1.2 innings without giving up a run. Papelcrybaby went 1 inning and gave up a run. Yes it was unearned but he still gave up a go ahead run. Unearned or not, if the AL was winning it would still have counted as a blown save.

Just for fun lets compare season stats.
2.43 ERA and 4 blown saves.
1.06 ERA 0 blown saves and an incredible 4 walks in 42 innings.

That's just this year. Need we compare career stats? You don't want to go there.
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