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I`m start my 85 Gal (60gal pure volume) 3 week ago. I`m started with 30 gal of water from previous tank design.
Everything was ok, tank is started good,

Light: I have pendant with 4 LL and 2 MH lamp its hanged 20 cm to water)
10 Hours - 144 watt of silvanya grolux+osram 765
+ 4 Hour of MH HQI (Sylvania Aquaark 10000K 150x2)

Temperature - now is too hot 27-28 celcius in tank

Fish - 30 mahseer 50 shrimps

pressurized CO - 2 from tank -through glass diffuser - 3 bps (through (medicine) dropper). Off for night turn on 2 ours before light

After 2 week Im start dosing NPK, Micro and Fe (all thing is DIY and solution)

NPK (1 week dose at one time)
K - 17 mg/week
N - 15
Mg 0.3

Micro dayly
Zn- 0.006
Mo- 0.0007
B - 0.018
Fe- 0.1
Cu - 0.0014

Everything seems ok, but 3 days ago I was attacked by BBA (IMHO)
It attack by gigrophyla polisperma, R.macrandra, eleoharis and glosso.
The plant is pearling but in BBA :(

So I now I trying to get the reason. Have some assumption: and I need your advices:

1. Due to long tank 120cm and simple glass diffuser I need to apply I huge water flow from "lilly pipe outlet" to rich the co2 mist on the opposite side of the tank and to get it not simply floating up but moving through tank perimeter .
This flow exactly move thought above mentioned plants (except glosso)

2. Even with this water flow th Co2 mist circulation is not good. Moreover 2 days ago my Co2 regulator begin work unstable, so I have unstable CO2 feed. (but only this 2 days)

So I think due to this and on the background of dosing big amount of ferts. BBA became very happy.

May be its another reason , but I need solution....
Any suggestion are extremely welcome

Cant attach photos. here the link

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Your probably right about the circulation not being enough. I have a little BBA in spots were the flow is nto enough and the co2 isn't able to get to it. Thankfully its on the glass so I don't care too much. I would add something to increase the flow to the other tank and maybe dose excel on that side of the tank to add co2 to the side that doesn't get much. Plus the excel will kill the BBA.
Actually saying I suppose that its overflow not lack of flow. Cause all plants which on the flow way is sway a lot ...
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