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Been enjoying the local water (56k warning)

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Having a good time looking for plants, finding lots of stuff.
Unfortunately having a very hard time Id'ing any plants. Ive been trying the local databases and the sites that were listed on this site for finding out what plants I have. If any one could give me a hand, I'd appreciate it very much
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one more
dontknow crop.JPG looks like Lysmachia Nummularia (sp?)
I 2nd that, dontknowcrop.jpg looks like Lysimachia nummularia (creeping jenny), was part of it emersed when you found it?
Thanks for your replies
Dontknow was completely under water in a very small creek. The creek was about 18" wide X 8" deep. Most of the plant was covered by leaf litter, and it was growing more horizontally than vertical. I didn't see any of the plant growing on the banks.
That could be any Lysimachia, really. There are many that grow submersed and that can be found wild or naturalized in the US.

It could also be a Bacopa, perhaps.
Its Lysimachia,

THe third one looks like, dont know the name but search for something called arrow head od aroow root? Something like that. Check pond plant info for that one. I believe the large leaves will grow up and out of hte water.

Glad you are having fun:)
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I'm thinking that your "sag crop .jpg" might be a variety of Sagittaria calycina. The pictures at:
show it to be a plant with variable leaves.

And its found in WI.

Steve Pituch
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