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What are appropriate CO2 levels, and water parameters for Elocharis parvulus? What fertilizers do you advise?
Sounds like you have all the equipment down pat. You'll want a CO2 level of around 30 ppm (for any plant). Temperature seems fine. Substrate seems fine. Try aiming for these levels with your fertilizers:

CO2: 25-30ppm
NO3: 5-15ppm
PO4: 1-2ppm

You can purchase the KNO3 (for NO3) and KH2PO4 (for PO4) at:

You'll need a micronutrient fertilizer, TMG or Flourish. You can dose about 5mL Flourish twice a week (total of 10mL weekly). After about a month of set up, start to ramp up your micronutrient regime until the plants no longer show any improvements over a period of several weeks.

Filter media used : in your Eheim, try using coarse sponges, Ehfisubstrat, and a layer of fine filter floss on the top.

Hopefully, someone else can help you with the pH controller. I have never used one.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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