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You might read up on nutrient base layers in the substrate forum. There are many different methods to choose from. I have not used eco-complete myself but I know that Eric Leung uses a base mixture with it and that Luis Navarro thinks eco-complete requires modification for long term performance. If your substrate has already been run for 6 months in a strongly lit tank then you may benefit from additional substrate amendment. Although eco-complete is considered a bio-active product you might consider additional biological innoculation of your subsrate. Providing live mulm from a healthy tank is a practice endorsed by many aquarists.

With a pH controler you will only need to test dKH to determine your pH target. If your water starts at 2 KH you may not need additional baking soda. You could start with a pH setting of 6.7 safely. Your controller will open and close the solenoid valve on your regulator as neccesary to maintain the set pH. When using a controller, your injection rate and diffusion capacity should be fast enough to effect a pH change of .1 in about 40 minutes. Plant on day 1 but hold off on animals until you learn the tricks of pH regulation. Many find that new tanks do not provide steady daily KH measurments. You will want to keep an eye on this parameter for the first few months.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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