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Hi, i've been researching for awhile now, and i am planning to start my tank sometime next week. Im sure you guys can help me out.

Here is a template of my tank (not set up)

Tank Dimensions (LxWxH): 48 x 12.5 x 13 inches
Tank Volume (litres or gallons): 33 gallons, 128 litres
Lighting Intensity(No of Watts) : 2 x 65W, 130W
No. of Hours your light is on : 10 hours
Type of Lighting (FL/PL/MH) : Power Compact
Type of CO2 (DIY/Liquid/Tank) : Tank (pressured)
Method of Injection (e.g. Diffusor/Reactor): Diffusor, Glass ceramic disk
Tank Temperature : 26c, 78-79 fahrenheit
Substrate Used : Eco-Complete
How thick is your gravel : 2-3 inches
Type of Filter (overhead/internal/canister) : Eheim 2213 Canister
Other: Milwaukee Ph/CO2 controller

Bioload (Your Fish and Plants)

Paracheirodon Axelrodi
Caridina japonica
Otocinclus sp.

Elocharis parvulus

Describe your problem :

I'm not quite sure how i should answer the following?
What are appropriate CO2 levels, and water parameters for Elocharis parvulus?
What fertilizers do you advise?

CO2 Injection Rate (bps) : How can i control this? if i use the ph/co2 controller set at ph 6.8, it will adjust itself? - How does it work?
How Thick is your base fert : (is this necessary with eco complete?)
Liquid Fertilizers Used :
Frequency of fertilization :
Filter media used :

Chemical Properties (Fill what you can)
Carbonate Hardness (KH): 2?
Total Hardness (gH): 2?
pH : 6.8
NH4 (ppm):
NO2 (ppm):
NO3 (ppm):
PO4 (ppm):
Fe (ppm):

Thanks for the help.

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Thanks for helping me out Carlos.

Now that i've got everything, i kinda of need some help on the procedures to start

Since i got substrate (eco-complete) second hand, should i cycle the tank?

I am only planting it with Hairgrass, i dont think thats enough to absorb ammonia fast enough to prevent the cycle?

What about those algae buster sets, will i need those to prevent algae bloom? (or even the cycle?)

During first week of testing the system, should i put substrate in and leave it running for a week? or just leave the tank empty?

Finally, testing kits - strips or drops, or does it not matter?

Thank you for your time,

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The eco-complete has been set up for almost a year i think. also it is mixed with some shultz soil, or should i even add a layer of peat beneath it?

Also, becaues i'm only planting hairgrass, will that be enough to keep algae down? It's going to be a field-like setup with a hairgrass mat all the way across.

Or should i purchase some other plants temporarly until algae is controlled?

If so, what plants should i obtain?

Thanks for helping me out.. i'm learning alot

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I was looking at the Ceratopteris thalictroides.
Since it is a floating plant, do i just throw them into the tank floating freely? will they get into filters?

and is it ok if i'm only using this plant to absorb nutrients?

How long do i need to leave the plants in before it's 'safe' to let the hairgrass grow on its own?

Also, since all my equipment is new, will i need to let it run abit first? or just set it up, throw plants in and start it up?

Sorry i'm asking so many questions.. i just want to be sure, i'm sure you guys understand.. :)

Thanks for all your help!
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