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Beginner questions about planted tank

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I have a 55 gallon tank that I would like to have live plants in. I don't want any advanced plants or anything fancy with aquascaping because I know I'm not ready for that. I am thinking anubias and maybe some swords and java fern. I would love to have something for foreground, but I am not sure of anything that is low light. I have 2 15watt 18" blubs. I know that this is not very much light at all. are there any other bulbs with more watts that I could use as replacements to get more watts per gal or would my light fixture not handle that? Also, I only have Pool Filter Sand as substrate. I tried flourite and hated it. I have Flourish tabs to put under my plants, but am not sure how well they work. Could anyone give me any advice n what I can to with my lighting, and some low light plants to give my tank a very natural look. Thank you in advance!
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Anubias an ferns are tough plants, they may live in that light but I wouldnt expect a lot of growth. Sword pry needs a little more light. I would try to get a differnt lamp. Look into a shop light maby. Do some reading, in the lighting fourm.
What about the Coralife Nutri Grow Plant Lamps? Are those better than regular lamps?
While certain lights have a better spectrum for the plants to use you really just need more wattage. I would try to find some light to put over your tank. If you can't afford aquarium lighting then do the home depot thing or something. Look on Craig's list maybe. People are always upgrading their lights and selling the used ones. (I just did that.)
Crownman uses these all the time. He really likes them. His tanks are amazing. He is a member of DFWAPC. You might pm him and talk to him about them. If you come to our Jan meeting you will be able to talk to him in person. There are always plant clipping free at the meetings.
Thank you for being so helpful!
If you have a 48" long 55 gallon tank, I would probably go with this one :


I have used Big Als before and have had no problems with them. Their prices are competitive also. I have never used webaquatics so others can vouch for them.

These are good lights, run cool and don't use a lot of power. They should do just fine for the plants you want to grow. I have 5 of these lights on various tanks in my fish room and have not had one failure.
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