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I want to inject CO2 in my 180 gallon fresh water aquarium.

My first choice would be to run the hose inline to the outflow of my Fluval 407. My concern is that the Fluval hose dimensions do not seem to fit well with the Fluval ribbed hosing.

Question: Can anyone recommend an inline diffuse or atomizer that is sure to fit the Fluval?

As an alternative, I could run lines to two diffusers in the tank. I would do this by running one line off the CO2 regulator and then split the lines, running to each diffuser in the back corners. I already have a regulator from several earlier tank iterations, and I don't think it will accept a second regulator.

Question: Does this approach make sense?

Any recommendations are appreciated.

FYI: I have a 180 gal fresh water tank. It’s well planted (very slow growing, but practically no algae), and has 12 barbs, 12 angels, and 6 Corys. Filtered by a Fluval 407, two Aqua-tech 30-60s, and a medium sponger filter.
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