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Best low maint low ground cover foreground plant

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What do you think is the best foreground plant that is low maint and stays low to the ground?
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I'd go with aquatic clover.
agree with simpte
"It loves high light and macro nutrients. The plants are grown in my tank with CO2 and are very healthy."
high light c02 and ferts for hc not low light for sure.
I have high light 3.3 wpg power compact is this enough u think?
Dwarf Hairgrass is low maintance, but requires med-high light.Here is a link for HC requirments...
I know EdwardH grows HC in a low light tank, but it ends up growing upright and looking like H. umbrosum.

ADDENDUM: Oops. I went and searched for Edward's HC pics and it's actually under 4+wpg in a small tank. I kept thinking it was groing in his low light tank.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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