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best planet

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hi there;
i would like to know what is the best planet to use with the blue powder gourmi fish; i have abuot 6 of them and i want to have babies there for what is the best plant for them to use.
thanks in advance :roll:
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I'm going to assume you mean plant, not planet. :)
Gouramis are anabantids so breeding them is a little different than most other egglayers..

Being a betta breeder I can tell you that plants aren't a neccessity, but a few are nice for fry to feed off of.

Java moss
duckweed (be careful with this one)

Most floating plants will work as will hard to kill plants.

The fry won't need hiding places for the first month and will live off their eggsac for the first 3 days. Afterwards live foods such as microworms, vinegar eels, daphnia monia, manga, pulex, and BBS (baby brine shrimp) are a MUST. without at least 2 of these your fry won't make it.

You can use boiled egg yolk in a pinch but I don't recommend it as it fouls the water up very fast and doing water changes within the first 3 weeks is a no-no.

Hope this helps.
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Simpte 27 thanks alot :)

thank you very much for correcting my english :lol:
any way here in TURKEY its very hard to find plants in big rang that you have in your countries....
i love gourmi very much; first i start with goldfish and molly, i stil have molly in my tank with the other gourmis... but at least i want to feel that my gourmi love the tank!!!!! :D
NP.... :)
Its funny though. Your English is better than some of the kids I hear here in the US and its your SECOND language! Buts that another topic I won't get into............

If you just want plants for your tank with gouramis, any will work. I'm not as knowledgeable with plants as the other more experienced members here but they will get along with anything you can grow. The various swords plants will work. Aopnogetons are nice. Gouramis, like bettas are lazy creatures by nature and like to lounge around a lot. They will rest on broad leafed plants all day except when eating if they want to.
not secound!!!!

dear friend english is my fourth languge:)
any another small thing; how do you know if your fish is "diarrhea".
and thank you very much for your replay about the planet :wink: s ;)))))
Its hard to tell. Constipated easy, they don't poop. But for general bowel problems try either epsom salt (put them in a 1 gallon jar. 1 tbsp per gallon of water), shelled peas, or brine shrimp (live works best).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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