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BEST trimming tools

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Anyone know anywhere else I can get some tools to trim the aquarium besides the aquabotanic store. The ones they have look fine but they look a little short for my needs
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Aqua1 said:
I've just picked myself up a pair of electrician's scissors(Kelin) at homedepot for around $13.00 also try ebay, I've got a set of 4 tweezer for $4.00.Hope this help!
Klein tools will save your butt! I have an electrician friend who, in all honesty, is a little lacksidasicaly about his work style. He likes to find out which circuits in a breaker board are live by sticking a Klein flathead into the circuits(!!! do not try this at home !!!). He says the Klein flathead has saved him from certain death by juice at least three times (to which I replied, "So stop frickkin' DOING that!").
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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