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Right now I have a regular glass diffuser underneath my Eheim intake
There is no need to use a glass diffuser. It would be better to simply insert the end of the CO2 tube into the Eheim filter intake. In doing so you ensure all the CO2 goes into the filter. Generally speaking, the length of the filtration hose (in and out) and the surface area in the filter will be more than enough to disperse the CO2 into the water stream. If that doesn't work, I would be surprised if an inline CO2 reactor would do any better. Currently, I have CO2 running into a smaller Eheim 2224 at more than 60bpm and there is no burping or gas-locks and it achieves complete dispersal of the CO2.

If you are getting through a #20 tank in 4 weeks, I think there might be some other issues you might check.

Andrew Cribb
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