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Biological Filter Media

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Hi all, has been a couple of years since I posted. I am setting up my aquarium again as I now have the space and time for it. When I took my system apart I put my canister filter in the shed and didn't empty the water from it, silly I know. Would the biological media be ruined or can I rejuvinate it by soaking in a bleech and water mix or maybe wash very well. I don't know if this water has become toxic and absorbed any poisons from being stored like this for so long. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Can it be revived? Don't know. I believe I'd go for new media for $12.00 and not risk killing my fish.
What I've done is setup a 5g bucket with a strong bleach solution and run it through that. Then run clean water with dechlor over-dosed, swapped out the water and did it again (dechlor). If there is any floss in it I just toss it....otherwise, I check the media and decide what gets reused and what gets dumped....
Thanks for the replies. I am going to use salt to clean the biological media and then soak for a few days. Will test water to see what has leached in to it.
Lots of rinsing and water changes of the rinse water.
can be used to kill possible live things.

If you suspect chemical contamination:
1) Wash everything with Simple Green (developed for use on wildlife affected by oil spills)
2) Run the filter in a 5 gallon bucket of water and load it up with activated carbon.
AC adsorbs all sorts of toxins. Swap out the AC every day or 2 for a week.
I have now bought new media and will leave the old media soaking in RO water for a while and then test that water to see whats in it. I hate throwing things away.
Thanks for all the replies. This is a friendly forum that I hope I can contribute to soon.
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