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6 connected nano tanks - they share water! |10g|5g|4.5g|3.5g|2g|1.5g| Need some help learning! (:
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I cleaned all my tanks of algae but now I see relatively prominent (fingernail bumpable) scratches on my glass tanks and want to fix them.

What is the best way to buff or make these blade marks less noticeable?

All help appreciated.

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This is sad. I don't think you can get the scratches out of glass. If it's any consolation, I have a big scratch on the front of my wife's acrylic tank that I made cutting open its box with a knife. A scratch gives the tank character. This is your chance to consolidate. You can use the scatched tanks for other things.

..1. Quarantine
..2. Water Prepping
..3. Biomedia Reserve
..4. Water Parameter Experiments
..5. Isolation for misbehaving fish
..6. Spare Tank
..7. Hospital Tank
..8. Substrate Experiments
..9. Growing algae on pebbles for Otocinclus
10. Emergency Evacuation Tank
11. Place to throw plant cuttings
12. Tank to store water
13. Dip Tank (Alum, medications, ect.)
14. Brine Shimp Culture Tank
15. Tank to put excess plants
16. Tank to "lend" to a friend
17. Container to put aquarium supplies
18. Tank for that stray Betta you rescued
19. Replacement for that other tank you broke
20. Your imagination is the limit

The good news is you have a lot of tanks to work with. You can store them nested.

Walstad low-tech 40 B, central FL biotope, creator of Jordanella floridae x Mobula birostris hybrid
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Maybe a bit late here, but if you use an algae scraper that uses single-edge razor blades, you may be in luck... at least for future scraping activities. There is a thing called plastic razor blades, they aren't literally razor-sharp like their metal counterparts, but in this case, that's what we want. They are meant for tasks where you need a thin, straight edge for scraping stuff like labels, ice, or algae but don't want to risk cutting or scratching up the surface. It's kind of like having a credit card edge, but in a razor blade form factor. You can get a box of 100 blades for a few bucks on Amazon, just search "plastic razor blades".

Hope this helps :)
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