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I thought it was BGA not BBA?:) Giuancarlo, you are lucks if your Amano's eat BBA. Mine wont touch it:(


I find that maintaining good NO3 levels to be ideal in batteling this plague. If you only dose 8ppm at the wc and have no fish load, the NO3 is most certainly being used up by mid week. This is almost certain since you are dosing P. Adding P to the water column tends to make NO3 uptake increase. Try checking NO3 levels every 2-3 days until you have a handle on how your tnaks is working. I bet you find that by mid week you NO3 levels are 0ppm, thus your BGA problem

Make sue that your CO2 levels are maintained in a good range. The only times I get BBA problems is when my CO2 levels fall for a coupl eof days, then, ughhh!

Hope it helps:)
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