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You will no doubt hear the usual NO3, CO2 and other nutrient balancing acts to rid yourself of BBA. While I agree with all that and I myself suggest using H2O2 as spot treatment to kill it, using natural predators such as SAE and Amano Shrimp is probably the biggest help you can get. I've beaten BBA without either of these critters in the past but that isn't always as easy as we make it sound. I recently gave 2 of my adult SAEs to a friend who was having BBA problems, it's a low light tank and he doesn't really get into testing and fertilizing too much, luckily the 2 SAEs I gave him cleaned up his BBA problems in a matter of a couple weeks, his tank is free of BBA now, or at least they are eating it faster than it's growing back.

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio
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