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If they are adults or sub-adults and you see absolutely no hint of blue on them, then I hate to say it, you got scammed. Especially if you are seeing brown.

Blue Pearl shrimps, in my experience, range in color from white (about as white as snowball shrimp) to a rather deep blue. Most are what I would call an "ice blue" color; a whiteish look with a very light blue tint. As supersmirky mentioned, males are typically more pale and females a little darker on the blue. Many of them will also have some faint red spots (almost stripes) on the back half of the body as well.

For a few more pics of what they should look life, I refer you to Blue Pears at Arizona Inverts. For an example of one with a lot of red in it, I took a picture of my reddest one and posted it in the forums at the same sight: JP's BP with lots of Red.

If you wanted to post a picture or two of the shrimp you actually received, I'm sure those of us on the forums here could take a look and maybe let you know what we think.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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