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I have got my 12 blue pearl shrimps this morning.
Took about 3 days...
This was frist time I've seen blue pearl.
When I opened bag, it looked like light brown color shrimps.
I know they were stressed and they need time to get their color back, but how long does it take to see some blue?
It has been tank for about 8 hours and I see no blue at all :(
The person also has been deleted post as well and I wanted to see picture of shrimp one more time...
Any ways, all of 12 shrimps really look like brown shrimps :(
Hope they get color back.

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I do have africana ADA substrate.
The size of shrimps are adults to sub-adults.
Any ways 6 days been passed and I see 1-2 shrimps with very small blue color, but almost all the shrimps do have still brown color. :(
When I saw the pictures of the sellers shrimps I can see the blue right away.
Probably seller wanted get rid of non blue colors of shrimps...

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I now place them into other tank.
This tank do have darker substrate which is ADA amazonia.
I hope this will help me get blue color, but still didn't help.
So, I ordered some blue pearls few days ago from aquabid and I got the shipping today.
I place them into the tank and these shrimps, I can tell them they are blue pearl shrimps.
90% of the shrimps I got, they had blue color.
Take a look at the pictures.
What are the first 2 shrimps? (One look like cherry and other look like brown or yellow mixed shrimp...)
Last 2 pictures are the shrimps I've got today.
As you can see, last 2 pictures, you see blue color.
Those are from other breeder.
If only few shrimps are like that, I won't really care, but 7-9 shrimps are like that...
The seller plantedtank pmed me says using darker will help with blue color, but I don't think it's because of substrate...
I do have other shrimps with africana substrate and they breed well and colors are great.
I also did see some people having brown and redish substrate and they had blue color.
Seller was msjinkzd and he has delete the post of sell/trade...
I paid $40 bucks for these shrimps and now I feel little mad...
I don't know how he is keeping shrimps, but I think he has been keeping with other shrimps...
The seller also told me he caught whatever he can and sent them to me, but far as what I think, seller only picked non blue color from his tank... -_-


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For now, I will have to keep them here until other tank is fully cycled...
It really hurts when seller want to make profit and get rid of the shrimps that he doesn't want... :(
I now going to be extra careful when buying shrimps.
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