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I need better angles. but not bad for the first go round eh? This is my Freshwater Reef.

Brazos River driftwood
Dwarf Hairgrass
Corkscrew Valis ( howd that get in there)
Java Fern
2 different varieties of Bolbitis
Narrow Leaf Chain Sword

15ish Glowlight Tetras
1 or 2 Amano Skrimp


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There's too much going on in the front. Can't really tell what's in your tank, but I'd move the large driftwood back and towards one of the corners and get a foreground plant. Since it's a 10 gallon you shouldn't clutter it too much. Its a very good start though in terms of keeping the plants healthy.

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Does that say 96 watts PC over the 10 gallon? If so, you may want to raise it up some to reduce intensity. That's a TON of light, even for pressurized CO2. With DIY you won't be producing a comparable amount of CO2.

My guess is that you will soon have some big-time algae explosions.
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