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Botanica K

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Hi all -
Very nice fert calculator.
I am curious how you came up with the formula for Botanica K?
3 or 4 months ago I had an email with Mr. Kent and he had Chris Brightwell (I believe) email me with specifics on K. I deleted that email but in my spreadsheet I put his info in and I have it that 1ml in a 20 gallon is 0.56 ppm. Just curious sinc I still use this product and actually ignore what he told me. Based on what he told me it would take 18 ml to hit 10 ppm and it was way off from the directions on the bottle. I think I might have posted this is on but cannot access the sight since it exceed its bandwidth.

Anyway any info would be great.

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Hi Mike,

We appreciate your input.

I have that Botannica K is 4.2% K (potassium).

That's 42,000 mg/liter, as 10,000 ppm or mg/l equals 1%.

1 ml of it would give you 42 mg of K.

(42 mg K)/(20 gals x 3.77 L/gal) = .56 ppm

To hit 10 ppm you would need to increase the above dose by:

(10/.56) x 1 ml = 17.8 ml

So both your numbers work out manually.

The numbers I get from the calculator are way off, so use the equations above until we go over the code and fix it. Again thanks for you input.

Steve Pituch
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Corrected in next version. Thanks.
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