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I had the best success with a dozen pygmies in a 10 gallon tank. Regardless of the literature on pygmy corys they will lay their eggs on the aquarium glass which makes them easy to spot and remove to a hatching tank.
I used a small pippette, like an eye dropper, to suck up the eggs for removel. It took a few tries but if you both scrape and use suction you can remove the adhesive eggs to the hatching tank.

Raising the babies in a display tank is not the best method as a lot of them will disappear before you ever see them. If your goal is to just raise a few fry then leaving them with the parents is fine.

A 6 gallon tank is fine for dwarf corys however i always use 10 gallon tanks because they are cheaper.

I was able to raise 110 pygmy corys back in the eary 1990s but back then nano tanks were not the in thing and most LFS balked at buying them because they were so small. I finally found a shop that took half of them and then the other half the next month.

Good luck with your corys I still feel that they are one of my favorite fish.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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