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Has anyone try using bricks in an aquarium yet? Those red ones that use to build stuff. Does moss grow on them?
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Diana - i'm still looking for the perfect hardscape materials so i've been watching this post. while looking for the types of rocks we discussed in my last post i found some great old bricks that have been weathered smooth in lake ontario (in the great lakes system). there are several different colours of brick (beige, dark red, brown, and traditional) and i'm wondering if that would make a difference in their use-ability. they have all passed the vinegar test - BUT do you think these bricks might be porous? - aka. do i have to worry about the water quality of the great lakes and transferring pollutants to my tank? Thanks again!
Yay! They look great and I know my Kuhlis will love to 'hang' in the holes of the bricks - not mention my curious guppy babies. Most of them seem like they will easily hold anubias and mosses too. If I can find my digital camera i'll snap some pics as they are pretty unique old style bricks.
Hahahaha! Yeah, I'm a bit of a nerd about my fish and aquarium (soon to be aquariums) - BUT I have a feeling I'm in VERY good company here at aquatic plant central! My camera is MIA so no brick pics for now - but here are my kuhlis in my red nesea.


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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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