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Has anyone tried one of these? It seems it might be good in a fry tank?

Brine Shrimp Corral

It really works!!! A unique system that hatches and feeds brine shrimp to your fish continuously. Sits right inside of the aquarium. The saltwater and eggs in this hatchery do not mix with the tank water, yet the newly hatched shrimp can freely swim into the aquarium for your fish to eat. You no longer have to collect hatched shrimp with a syringe to feed them to your fish. Includes: Hatching case with suction cup, approximately 40" of airline tubing, measuring spoon for salt and shrimp eggs, pipette, cleaning brush, and detailed instructions. Salt, brine shrimp eggs, and a small air pump must be purchased separately. (We have found that the unit works best with a relatively low air flow.) Easily to install and clean.
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