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Brown algae(I think its diatom)

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Hi all :),

This is my 1st post here.

My glass,leaves of my plants,the filter & the gravel all are covered by a Brown slippery thing,which I think is Diatoms :(.

The tank is a 50gallon,the lighting being 65watts x 2 for 10hrs a day.
My tank doesn't have many fast growing plants,currently I have many Anubias,Ferns,10 Vals & 2 Swords in it.I think maybe of less fast growing plants there is this breakout.

Please help........the tank has begun looking really ugly :(

Many thanks
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Hi Trenac/Matt,
Thanks a ton for your inputs......
This is quite a old tank,say.....around 6 months old.The only change i did recently was upgrading the light from a meagre 20 watts to a whopping 130 watts......& planting those vals & swords.
Thanks matt :),

I just got some 3 types of Crypts this weekend & planted them(around 10 of them each,so....10 x 3=30),some Baby tears & some Hydrilla too(it looks just awesome with that dark Green look,just love it :))......Now will have to wait & check if the Diatoms reduce........
Hi all,

Here are a few pics,just with Anubias & Ferns,before I planted the tank with more plants.You can view the pics on the link below.Will soon post the pics after I have planted the tank.[email protected]/?saved=1

Hi all,

Can you pls recommend some fish which eats up any algae(irrespective of the type)?

Thanks in advance,
I took a look at your pxs. and I don't see any fast growing plants in there. You might want to get some fast growers to take up the extra nutrients.
Hi Tex Gal :),
The pics what you saw are before I planted the tank with more fast growing plants.I have already planted it & some more to go.Will soon post you the updated pics.

Thanks for viewing..
Hi All :),

Back again.......I planted my tank with fast growers,controlled the light a bit & put in some guppies,the result was amazing.You can see it for yourself in the pics below.[email protected]/

Many thanks
Hi all,
1st of all Wish you & your families a very Happy New Year :).

For the past 2months or so I find that there is a lot of Green cotton like algae growing in many parts of my tank.Every time I see that its grown too much,i manually remove it.Can some one pls advice how this pain can be stopped once for all?

>Lighting : 2.6wpg / 10hrs a day (No direct sunlight).
>Water changes : 50% change Once a month.
>No ferts dozed,no CO2 as this is a El Natural style tank(Walstad style).
>Lot of fast growing plants like Vals,Crypts,Nuphur Japonica,Amazon swords.

Many thanks in advance,
Any inputs on this?Pls advice ASAP......
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