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Bugs in the greenhouse ;/

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Any suggestions for pesticides? Ive got spidermites, scales, and mealybugs and possibly thrips that have discovered my crypts. Its only a matter of time until they find my orchids and I really hate using Orthene. I brought a bunch of mangroves and other plants into the greenhouse and didnt treat them first ;/ Im looking for something fish safe that will break down quickly and wont accumulate in the water, substrate, and on the plants. Anyone have any experience with hort oils on aquatics?
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Post pics of the mangroves:D!! No idea on the pesticides, or how aquatic plants would respond to the oil, maybe using some lady bugs and lacewings to prey on the plant eaters would be a good way to go. You could search the net for organic alternatives, I know the oil and predatory bugs are recommended a lot, but I am no gardener and there is a lot of information out there!
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