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buy co2 glass diffuser locally?

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Hi everyone, I know I'm not a member of NASH... but I just moved to Houston and am wondering if there is somewhere in town to buy a glass co2 diffuser... my old one broke when I was packing and I would rather just pick one up somewhere locally rather than order one online and wait for it in the mail. Apparently Houston has a pretty active aquatic plant scene? Can anyone give me advice on where the best LFS are for plants and supplies and such? Thanks!
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I'm fairly new as well, but I'd try Houston Aquarium Wharehouse. I'm not sure the address, but Dan caters to the planted tank enthusiasts. You can find the number and address in the phone book.

Welcome to Houston! Definitely if you get a chance, I would like to invite you to come to one of our meeting. You will gain so much information.

There are several places around here in Houston. City Pets, Fish Gallery, and Houston Aquarium Warehouse is where I go. Are you looking for an ADA diffuser or other brand?

Well I'd like to have an ADA diffuser... but I don't think it's in the budget right now, so another brand would work as well. Thanks for the tips, perhaps I'll be seeing you at an upcoming meeting!
You can also purchase anything off of and in the shipping option put "local pick up" or whatever it is and go pick up your order at the showroom which is local and not far from Fish Gallery.
Forgot to add... is a local forum so you could post there and see if the members have anything to offer.
T&T Fish sells a third-party glass diffuser for $19.95, I think. However, I don't know if it's a good one or not.
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