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Cilliata question

I have the supposedly smaller form which develops easily detachable plantlets, and this plant is by a wide margin the most prolific Crypt in my collection. I have literally hundreds of plants! All were detachments from 7 original plants I obtained three years ago. I can't remember ever seeing a "runner" although they've bloomed many times.

They're all growing emerged in ambient South Florida air. Oh, but Florida is "humid", no wonder he doesn't have to keep them under glass, you say?

Not so, at least not in the winter, and in the summer Florida is no more humid than any place else East of the Mississippi. If they can be grown here in winter, they can be grown almost anywhere in summer. The high deserts of New Mexico and parts of the Southwest which get over 100F may be an exception, but if misted regularly, even this might be possible.

Trick to acclimating them to ambient air is to gradually open their container over a period of several weeks - thus allowing them to "toughen up" gradually. Easy to do and I've got every Crypt species I own growing emerged by using this simple method.

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