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Sunday, July 6th, 2008 1PM

Speaker: David Reznick, PhD, UC Riverside Biology,
Topice: Lessons learned from Guppies

Dr. David Reznick studies evolution in nature. He will be showing
the varied habitats of guppies in Trinidad, as well as photos of
other wildlife. His talk will be mostly guppy travelogue, nicely
seasoned with science-so if you have questions on guppies or how
habitat and predation effect biological changes in fish, this is the
meeting to come to. Dr. Reznick is an award-winning professor of
biology at UC Riverside, and he's used to all kinds of questions. He
enjoys helping people learn.

Pursuing his research in evolutionary biology, Dr. Reznick found that
the ways in which Trinidad's wild guppies survive the problem of
being very tasty snacks provide insight on evolutionary biology.
When it comes to demonstrating Reznick's evolutionary hypotheses, as
a matter of fact, the little guppies of Trinidad are HUGE. Because
of Dr. Reznick's research, Trinidadian guppies have small starring
roles in almost all major introductory biology texts and are featured
in articles in several major scientific journals.

There will be a auction after the presentation.
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