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Looks like I had a C. Puer with eggs.
It mated with the big cray 4 weeks ago. He's gone now, can't seem to find him.
It looks like I have 2 young small crays and I assume this is including the pregnant one.
I saw her hiding in a homemade slate cave last week and saw the eggs on her back legs.

Today I saw two crays but no eggs on both of them. It is possible I have a third. I mean I haven't seen a cray for 2 days and it can be a week since my tank is heavily planted, especially at the top of the tank.

How long does it take the crays to hatch. I assume they are miniatures of their parents.
I have no filter (just lights and a heater) so I have no worry about being sucked up.


P.S. It's the the 20gallon long - see link in signature.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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