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C. undulata growth habits

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Does anyone have any experience growing this species in aquaria? Does it throw daughter plants easily or does it remain as a solitary plant? How about color and height?

I am familiar with growing this species emersed (as easy as wendtii), but have never tried it submersed in my aquarium. I am looking into this species as a possible foil/contrast to all the Anubias and moss in one of my aquascapes. All the pictures on the net show plants that are not in their prime.

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C. undulata is easy submersed. the one unusual thing about it is that if it is crowded, its crown starts lengthening, and it becomes like a stem plant with internodes. It is quite undemanding with one or two watts per gallon. It sends out runners as readily as wendtii or beckettii.

(I wanted to post a picture here of C. undulata, but I get the message, "Sorry, you have reached your maximum Upload Quota limit of 256 KB") Instead, go to my personal album and see it there.
C. undulata

The tray is probably about 2 1/2 inches deep It had a soil/peat mixture with maybe a half inch of gravel on top.
Wow those are great looking!
That's a beautiful stand of Crypts, Paul. I hope mine end up looking like yours. :)

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