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Go to a welding supply place that also sells a lot of industrial gases. They will have tons of tanks in their distribution center. Ask them if you can rent a 20# co2 tank. With the size of your tank I wouldn't go any smaller.

Get a dual gage single stage regulator. Don't go for anything fancy. Don't get a soliniod.

Get a Clippard MNV-4K2 needle valve for $11.

Get an Eheim diffusser for about $15.

Get some vinyl airline tubing. when you connect everything up, check for leaks. Be sure to wrap all the connections with two wraps of wire and twist the ends tight so there is no chance of air leakage. For my 75 gallon I use about 1 bubble per 1.5 seconds. You will probably need 1 bubble per .75 to 1 second.

Be sure your KH is around 4 to 6 degrees.

Steve Pituch
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