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JanS said:
Thanks for the tips. :)
Really, I need to remove the bubble counter? I thought I read somewhere before that if you do that, it will void your warranty.... It could have been a different brand, though.

Would that mean that I should add a new bubble counter at each tank, or just count from the reactor?
What you need to do is remove the entire needle valve/bubble counter assembly from the solenoid. Apply some teflon tape to the threads of the new splitter and screw it into the solenoid. And, yes, it probably will void your warranty.

You should be able to remove the bubble counter from the old, single needle valve assemble and attach it to one of the two new needle valves. The bubble counter on my JBJ regulator cracked so I ended up making a DIY one out of a 1liter soda bottle. A simple and cheap way to add a second bubble counter to your setup.
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