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So I hooked up my Cal Aqua inline diffuser to my rena xp3. The inflow and outflow have been switched to the ADA Do!Aqua Poppy Glass Lily pipes.

I was immediately treated to a visual bonanza. I expected the diffuser to release bubbles that would immediately get swept up in the current. Instead, I have a nice turbulent mixing action going on... awesome!

Next I looked at the outflow... and what do you know... Another turbulent mixing arena! The micro bubbles are then pushed all over the tank in the flow.

I hadn't yet taken a look at my intake... I moved around the side to see a spiraling vortex!

I then ran to get my camera. I know i'm stupid to be so excited.

Co2 doesn't stand a chance in this tank. It's getting broken down into tiny bubbles, mixed, moved in close contact with the flow of the water, mixed again, pushed all around the tank, trapped on the plants, sucked up in the intake, wrung out in mini tornado, then spending a ton of time in a sealed canister.

I'm using a ph controller to monitor the whole thing. Let's see how much longer my co2 canister lasts for than before!

Higher Quality and Downloadable

Lower Quality Youtube Version
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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