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A friend that is a manager at a PetSmart or PetLand sent me this mail. I don't know anything about the substrate he is talking about. Fron the sound of it, it seems like something that might be good in a Cichlid tank, but not plants. Does anyone know what he is talking about?

I thought it might be a good opportunity for me to learn something here too.


At my store we are clearancing-out "aragonite" calcite? know, the expensive is charcoal color, the other a sort of beige color and the other an off-whitish...

Any other rec'ds about substrate. We sell the bags for $20, and now down
to only $4!

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If the grey stuff is by seachem, you can use that in planted tank, they make Onyx sand and a marine substrate as well, they are both the same stuff. I talked to Greg about that some years back.

Calcite and aragonite are just different forms of CaCO3. Aragonite has a slightly better solubility than calcite.

I use aragonite in marine planted tanks well and will use onyx sand as well in the next set up I do.

I've been highly pleased over the long term with Onyx sand. Both on CO2 and non CO2 enriched plant tanks.

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It is the same size as Onyx Sand. In fact, according to Seachem support, it is the same product. I have one bag of it as the (only) substrate in a 10 gal. I received this from Seachem awhile ago (1/15/03):

Dear Roger,

You are correct in your assumption that these are the same products.
This particular ore (calcite) has very beneficial properties for both
freshwater planted aquariums and saltwater aquariums. In fact, it can
be used in just about any aquarium environment. The reason we sell it
2 different ways is for marketing purposes. Saltwater hobbyists tend
to look for products (substrates included) that specifically cater to
the saltwater side of the hobby. Likewise, freshwater hobbyists tend
to look for products that specifically cater to the freshwater side
of the hobby.
Best Regards,
Seachem Technical Support,rb~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Seachem Laboratories, Inc. 888-SEACHEM
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