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I too have very high KH and GH (20+ for both) and I need to get another kit to test it again. I have noticed that most of the plants do allright and haven't had that much problem growing a lot of plants but there are certain ones that I can't grow or haven't done too well.

As far as CO2, I can't say if its difficult to keep it high in my tank or not. I have a pressurized system and they drop checker is yellow by the end of the day but the fish are swimming around with no problems. I also notice a lot of pearling as well so I can only assume that I am dissolving the Co2 ok.

The biggest problem would have to be fertilizing...I still haven't figured out exactly how much is too much and I constantly feel I'm under-dosing, even though I'm going with what the fertilator and chuck's calculator tells me. Hopefully when I go back to school in a couple of weeks (where the tank is) I can better mess with it and see what happens.

While I realize this is more geared towards plants, I wanted to ask about people's experience with keeping fish in hard water. I'm in the process of deciding on what species to keep and would like to know which tetras/cichlids/etc have done well in hard water. The reason I ask is because I can't seem to keep a school of any tetras for longer than a few months. I've been thinking on what could be the problem with a sudden death of a single fish on a random day and while I know there are many factors, I can't help but think the hardness of the water plays a larger role than most people think. What's your take on this?
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