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Fish that come from soft water usually store minerals with greater tenacity than fish from hard water. When soft water fish are placed in hard water they continue to store minerals as they are genetically set to do.
I would choose fish that come from hard water to live in hard water, or properly prepare water for the soft water fish. (RO, RO/DI, peat...)
Fish that have been bred in captivity for several generations seem to handle the harder water better than fish that have not been selected (accidentally or on purpose) for such a setting.

Hard water fish:
Many Livebearers
Rift Lake Cichlids and other fish
certain Rainbow fish
Some low end brackish water fish will be fine in 'liquid rock' without adding salt. Look for fish that are normally found not only in the estuary, but also travel up the river into fresher water. Avoid brackish water fish that gradually move out into the ocean as they mature.
Indian Glass Fish and Bumblebee Gobies come to mind.
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