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Cambarellus diminutus: The smallest dwarf cray

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A few months ago, I bought some of these crayfish from Germany. Their max size is around 1". Their care is very similar to the Cambarellus shuldfetti and they seem to be very hardy as well. I keep them in ph of around 7.2 with a temp of 76F. They share their tank with some shrimp and Tylomelania Snails. They are plant safe and fish safe.

I found two pregnant females yesterday while moving some things in the tank. I have isolated them to the breeder box to see how many young ones survive. She seems to have a lots of eggs for her size.

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These are some awesome crays. I have 3 but not sure how to sex these guys. I have no clue what sex mine are. them from Nikolay. Thanks for the info....still don't see it but it doesn't matter much I suppose. These are fun little guys to just sit and watch
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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